From left: Andrew and Zandi

ANDREW COINER, Club Founder and Director of Outreach & IT

REZA ZANDI, Co-Founder and Treasurer

This club started in July 28th, 2010. Andrew Coiner, the founder, decided to turn what he loves into an official organization and create a community of ethical anglers, who teach each other the ropes and have fun.  

Reza Zandi, the co-founder, worked with Andrew at a large IT consulting organization. They both shared similar ideas of the vision and mission of the organization. This motivation led them to start seeking sponsorship, creating events, and a website to spread the word.

Although confidence is an important skill for fishing, we have found that fishing can humble expert fishing guides, local lake heroes, and people with the newest equipment on the market — the fish don’t care much who catches them or who doesn't. So, we share "stuff", we study, we make plans, and then we show up on weekends and swing for the fences.  You will often hear our members encouraging each other on the water, or laughing at themselves.  Nevertheless, someone always figures out a way to get dialed-in.    

We share that idea like many other anglers in the community that we want to promote sport fishing and most importantly have fun!

FishBrain: Andrewnvaaccom

FishBrain: Reza-NVAAC

On Facebook: Northern Virginia Anglers Club

PAUL NAWROT, Director of Events:  I will fish for anything anywhere. Started fly fishing recently and love it!   This spring I would like to try some new locations to hook up with some striper and shad. FishBrain: Paul-NVAAC

JULIAN MURRAY, Director of Events: formerly known as Country J. I am  26 years old from Baltimore, Md. Born and raised! I’m Living in Hamilton ,Va. Catching fish is my hobby. I go fishing as much as possible no matter what the weather. I love bring it on! Find me on FishBrain: countryJnvaac

DENNIS DANIELS, Director of Sponsorship:   Having been a recreational fisherman since my teen years; the last few years I have been more involved in the sport concentrating on fishing plastics and jigs. I find the more you study and learn about the sport the harder it becomes. The truth is fish don't care what rod, reel, or line you use. I encourage you to fish and fish often. The only constant is that you can't catch fish from your couch. I make myself available to club members either as a resource or a fishing buddy. Feel free to contact me anytime. Tight lines my friends. FishBrain: NVAAC

ROBERT CROSSETT, Director of Sponsorship:   I am the youngest of the current NVACC leaders which means I probably have 7-10 less years of fishing experience then everyone else. What I do have is tenacity and a Never give up attitude! If there are fish in a body of water.... I will find them... Favorite fish to catch are Large Mouth. I love traveling with my wife and she lets me fish every location we go. Even on Lake Como in Italy! If you want to know any additional information on me just ask.  FishBrain: Crossett21-NVAAC